Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today it's my pleasure to introduce Indie author Nell Grey

Here' Nell's Bio 

Nell Grey is an artist and writer of eccentric and often witchy fiction. She is fascinated by cusps and borderlines - how does love become obsession, eccentricity madness?

Her poems, short stories, articles and reviews have appeared both online and in magazines such as Smith's Knoll, Iota, Orbis and others.

Three novels - Solitary Pleasures, The Golden Web and Three Magic Women - have been published in print form and three - My Imaginary Life, Memoirs of an Ostrich and Solitary Pleasures - as Kindle e-books.

Solstice, a collection of transformative short stories, is Nell's latest Kindle offering.
You can find Nell's other books on her Amazon Author page.

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