Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sole Intention - now available!

Well she's now available! Sole Intention has just been released at a special price of $0.99/77pence for the first 48 hours. 

Former police officers Ellen Brazil and Brian Lynx have joined forces to start a successful missing persons investigation firm which has just been contracted to find the wife of bodybuilder Will Endersbe. Ellen discovers that a number of women with similar features and hair colour have also vanished in the Worcester area. Ellen and Brian suspect a serial kidnapper is to blame, and without a body, the police are happy to leave the case in their hands to solve.

Hoping the women are still alive, Ellen digs for clues and races to find the women, despite her troubled private life and a meddlesome stepfather with a violent secret.

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I hope you enjoy it folks! ♥

Monday, August 12, 2013

Read the first chapter of Sole Intention!

Here's the first chapter of Sole Intention which is due for release in a few weeks.

Sweat poured from her brow. Her clothes clung to her as she ran for her life through the ink-black forest. She’d already bumped into several tree trunks while looking over her shoulder for him.
Why me? Why is he so desperate to kill me?
She tripped over a half-hidden log and landed in a pile of autumn leaves, but she was up running again within a few seconds. Her life depended on it.
Stop thinking and just run!
She could hear him tracking her—the sound of crunching undergrowth getting ever nearer. She had no place to hide. Is that why he brought me here? Of course. The question was: would she ever leave this place alive?
Another stray branch slashed her cheek, distracting her.  As she tumbled over a large fallen tree trunk, her heart almost shuddered to a stop. She tried to get up and continue running but winced as a sharp pain shot up her leg. She looked down at her ankle. It hung at an odd angle. “Fuck! Damn and fuck.”
The noise of leaves rustling just behind her made her turn her head sharply. She didn’t see the flat head of the shovel until it was inches from her face.
“Run from me would you, bitch?”
Stars danced through her terrified brain. She tumbled back into the damp undergrowth, but her attacker quickly yanked her upright again and placed her back against a wide tree. Everything was a daze, except the way he was glaring at her. She felt the rope slither around her torso, then groaned when it tightened, pushing the air out of her burning lungs. “Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered, fear tearing at her vocal chords.
“You shouldn’t have run. Now I have no choice.”
“Yes, you do. Everyone has choices.” She tried to reason her way to survival. Right then she would have done just about anything to save her life. “Please, I have money, savings in the bank. Take it. Have it all… but please don’t hurt me.” Saltiness from her tears slipped into the corner of her mouth.
“I don’t want your money. I wanted you.”
“Then have me. We’ll go away together. You scared me. That’s why I ran. Please, give me another chance. I won’t mess up again. I swear.” Her words forced confusion to travel his face.
Is he debating setting me free? “We’ll be good together, once I get to know you properly. It takes me a little while to get used to people. Please give me that chance.”
The confusion gave way to anger. His eyes creased up until they formed tiny slits in his tanned face and his lip curled with intent. “If I set you free now, you’ll only run to the police and give me away.”
“I won’t. I promise. Give me a chance. Give us a chance,” she implored, desperation lacing her words.
“You had your chance. Nobody makes a fool out of me. Many women have tried before, seen me as some kind of joke, to their cost. I thought you were different, but when it comes down to it, you’re all the same. Full of your own self-importance. Preening yourself to attract us men. Then, when you’ve snared us, you cast us away like a used tampon.”
She had never thought of herself in that way and really wanted to challenge him. However, she was conscious that would only make matters worse. She turned her head to the side and mumbled an apology.
His hand shot out and clasped her throat. “What did you say?”
He had cut off her airway, so she couldn’t speak even if she wanted to. She could feel the air disappearing and felt light-headed as his grip tightened. Her eyes fluttered shut, and her family’s faces filled her oxygen-starved mind. Bye, Mum, Dad, and Cheryl. I’ll never be able to share good news with you all again. Please don’t grieve much for me. Go on with your lives. Never let the bitterness of what he’s about to do to me destroy your lives like he’s destroying mine. I love you all… until the end.
He let go of her throat, and she gulped air as if it were an endangered commodity.
He held her hand in his, touched it affectionately to his cheek, then looked her in the eye as he crushed her fingers between his. She’d never felt so much pain in her life, and she screamed until her voice dried up.
“Scream all you want, bitch. No one will hear your desperate cries out here.”
She sobbed and whispered through dry lips, “Get it over with. Kill me.”
“Oh, I will. Not yet, I intend to make you suffer first. This is just the beginning of what I have in store for you, bitch.”
He stood up and towered over her. Her gaze remained focused on the tree stump opposite. She could make out, formed in its bark, her mother’s beautiful smiling face, giving her the courage to be brave. When she looked around, she realised that he’d vanished, leaving her alone and vulnerable to the four-legged creatures of the forest. The sobs came and increased in tempo as she came to the conclusion that even though he hadn’t killed her, it wouldn’t be long before she died a horrible death out there. Alone.
Lost deep in thought, she neglected to hear his return. She jumped when he taunted her with his vile words.
“Say your prayers, bitch.” Something glinted in his hand, and her eyes opened wide before the object sank deep into her flesh. “Your life is about to end.”

She tried to scream, but her voice box proved to be raw and uncooperative. The third time he struck her, she drifted into a welcome unconsciousness. The blackness surrounding her quickly gave way to the brightest light she’d ever witnessed. She moved towards it and breathed a sigh of relief. I’ve arrived… He can no longer hurt me.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Interview with best-selling author Rosen Trevithick.

My Granny Writes Erotica
1.     When and why did you decide to become an Indie writer?

I was on holiday in Fowey, an inspiring Cornish estuary town, when I read in an article that authors no longer needed at ISBN to self-publish for Kindle. I’ve always been a keen creative writer but found it difficult to reach my target audience. This was the push I needed to write and finish a novel.

2.     What genre do you write in and what genre do you prefer to read?

I write in a variety of genres including crime and psychological fiction, but humorous fiction is the genre I feel most comfortable writing. This year, I’ve started writing humorous adventure stories for children but I am primarily a writer for adults.

I prefer to read comedy but I do like a bit of mystery and suspense. Ben Elton’s books epitomise what I like in a read – humorous mysteries with a bit of social commentary thrown in for good measure.

3.     Where do you sell most books, USA or UK, Amazon or Barnes and Noble?

The vast majority of my sales are Kindle books. I tend to sell the most books in the UK, but the US is a close second. So far I’ve sold a grand total of … drum roll please … two books on Barnes and Noble (as opposed to tens of thousands on Kindle).

4.     During your childhood who was your biggest influence?

Roald Dahl, hands down. He was the king of humour and grisliness. He had some great plots too. I read Matilda and The BFG over and over again. We had an audiobook of The Witches, which I never tired of hearing. I remember The Witches coming out on video. It was filmed in Newquay, Cornwall, which made it even more appealing to me.

Michael Morpurgo was also a big influence.

5.     Are you fortunate enough to write full-time?

Alas, I am not even fortunate enough to work full time full stop. I have health problems which massacre any chance of regular employment. I do try to fit in writing whenever I can. Originally, I wrote fiction to add structure and focus to my life, but over the last year, self-employment has started to look like a viable long term option. I still have a long was to go, but things are moving in the right direction. This is a big deal for me because there were a number of years in which I thought I’d never work again.

6.     If Hollywood came knocking who would you want to play your main character?

My only recurring characters are in my Smelly Trolls series and that’s based around the lives of three children. It’s hard to mentally cast child stars because they grow up so quickly – I do try and keep my wild fantasies realistic!

However, there are odd characters who seem well suited to certain actors. For example, both Maggie Smith and Stephanie Cole would be superb at depicting Muriel, the cantankerous mother-in-law from My Granny Writes Erotica. She has some great lines that I can’t help hearing read in Maggie Smith’s voice.

7.     Name 6 people, dead or alive, you’d love to have as guests seated around your dinner-table.

Stephen Fry, Roald Dahl, Kay Redfield Jamison, Simon Pegg, Michael Morpurgo and Ben Elton.

8.     What one piece of advice have you found the most important in your writing career?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one piece of advice. Being prepared for knockbacks and letting them wash over you is a useful skill to have. I’ve heard of writers who gave up publishing after their first negative review, but bad reviews happen to everybody and you have to be strong enough to keep going if you want a career in publishing.

9.     What are your plans for the coming year?

I’ve just started writing a third Smelly Troll book, which will completeish my first ‘Trollogy’. I also plan to release a second short story collection – Seesaw Volume 2.

I’m hoping to do more work with primary schools. This summer I worked with a class of ten-year-olds to make their own short story collection. It was very rewarding and I’m keen to get stuck into similar projects with other schools.

10.  And finally, if you were stranded on a desert island what three books would you choose to have with you?

101 Ways to Survive on a Desert Island
Sharks and How to Tame Them
Long Distance Swimming for the Stranded

Rosen's most recent book: My Granny Writes Erotica http://rosentrevithick.co.uk/my-granny-writes-erotica/

Rosen's twitter page: https://twitter.com/RosenTrevithick

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sole Intention - cover reveal

Well here it it the fantastic new cover for the brand new series I've started writing about a missing persons' bureau.

SOLE INTENTION will be available in a couple of weeks guys. 

Will keep you up to date when I have more news on availability.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog hop winners announced.








And the lucky winner of a signed paperback copy of Cruel Justice is: 

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