Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pirates robbing us!

Well on top of the crappy week I had last week, this week so far has topped that by a long way.

I spent most of the day yesterday issuing Take Down Notices to numerous Torrent sites that had pirated my thrillers.

I'm not going to give the links here for obvious reasons. One site/forum I joined even had the audacity to say it was free publicity for me! Are they warped?

I noticed my books and my own bio on the forum so I left a comment on the page. Here's their response.

Mel Comley wrote:

I've issued you with a take down notice with immediate effect!

No need to get so upset, Ms Comley. You only had to ask: the post has been removed and also the free publicity that came with it.

 Cheeky sods!
 Today I noticed another site touting my books, it also pointed to  guidelines I had to follow when issuing the Take Down notice, if these weren't adhered to then my books would remain on their site.
What the heck? What guidelines did your site follow when you were thieving my books then?
I also discovered a very interest fact whilst investigating this site. Most of the books featured have recently been FREE in the KDP Select program.
Which kind of makes a mockery of Amazon's exclusivity clause, doesn't it?
I've written to KDP today to ask their views on this matter. I'm dying to see their response.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I just ended my freed days and will be on the lookout to see if these site pick them up. It'd be interesting to see what Amazon has to say about this.