Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun Q&A session with my fab editor Stefanie Spangler Buswell.

1) Name 5 people dead or alive who you’d invite for dinner - apart from me of course. I’m assuming we’re having a dinner party, not just five separate dinners.

My grandmother because I’ve missed her since she passed. Maya Angelou because she seems lovely, and she would have things to discuss with my grandmother. Miranda Hart and Mindy Kaling because they just seem like the kind of ladies who would be nice friends. The Dalai Lama because I always need advice on being centered. 2) If you were an animal what would you be and why? I would be a big bird because I’d like to know what it feels like to fly, and not just gliding or being in the sky, but to feel the power of my own body holding me aloft. I’d want to be male bird, though, because I don’t relish the idea of laying an egg. 3) If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why? I wish I’ve been to more places so that I could answer this better. Somewhere warm, but not too warm, and cool, but not too cool. I think I’d like to live in a bunch of places, each for a year or two just so I could say that I lived there. 4) What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a child? Most of my childhood seems embarrassing. Americans really love sports, but I was so terrible at all of them. I’ve done lots of embarrassing things, but the ones that happened at sporting events probably had the biggest audience. I’ve fallen down bleachers and been hit in the face with various balls while playing sports and while spectating. 5) and… your most embarrassing moment as an adult? I can’t even begin to pick a single event for this one. I feel like I embarrass myself at least once a day. Now that I have a toddler, it’s even worse. 6) What was your nickname at school? I never had a nickname, that I know of anyway. Who knows what the other kids called me when I wasn’t around... 7) What was the name of your first pet and what was it? My family had a Dalmatian called Dottie. 8) What ambitions did you have as a teenager, and have you fulfilled any of those ambitions yet? I had ambitions of holding public office one day. I worked in politics for a while, so I nearly fulfilled that one. As it turns out, that was a foolish ambition anyway. I did not fulfill my ambitions of going to law school. I did always want to read lots of books, and I DO get to do that these days. 9) When you die what will your epitaph read? I hope it says I was a good mom. 10) Will people cheer or be sad at your funeral? Funerals seem so strange to me, and I’ve never wanted one. But I do hope that at least a few people will miss me when I’m gone. But if at least one person isn’t glad you’re dead, you probably haven’t lived.

Thanks Stefanie, it's been lovely finding out more about you. :-)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fun Q&A session with Kristen Stone

Here's a fun Q&A session with Kristen Stone.

1) Name 5 people dead of alive who you'd invite for dinner?
This is a bit difficult for me as I don't 'do' social eating if I can avoid it, but the people who have inspired me the most are new indie authors so I would invite Brendan Gisby, Babs Morton, Tom Winton, Stephen R Hulse and sorry Mel, you have to come too.
2)If you were an animal what would you be and why?
A well loved dog, I think I would like only having to eat, sleep and chase a ball occasionally.
3) If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why?
Mmm, I haven't really travelled that much so I'm not sure. It would be somewhere warm and sunny, but not too hot, somewhere with modern amenities (couldn't live without the internet) and somewhere where people are free to live as they please. Of the places I actually know that would probably be somewhere on Tenerife.
4) What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a child?
I don't think I've ever been embarrassed by anything, but as a child I broke my two (new) front teeth doing something I shouldn't have in the school playground and until this day I've never told the truth about how my teeth got broken!

5) What was your nickname at school?

I was unfortunate enough to have the initials P.A.L. 
so, although it wasn't really a nickname, the boys in my class took great pleasure in calling me Pal Meat for Dogs or Prolongs Active Life. Couldn't have been very good dog food, I don't think it's around any more - but I am.
6) What was the name of your first pet and what was it?

I didn't have a pet until I was three years married and then we had a dog called Pippy.
7) What ambitions did you have as a teenager, and have your fulfilled any of those ambitions yet?
Only one ambition - to be a writer. Have I fulfilled that? Time will tell. 
8) When you die what will your epitaph read?
Too early to say what my achievements will be, I'm only 62

9) Will people cheer or be sad at your funeral?
I don't want a funeral, I just want to slip away unnoticed and have people say 'Whatever happened to Kris' except they probably won't use that name!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New kid on the block!

Hostile Justice has arrived and is on offer for the next 48 hours for only $0.99/77p.
Enticed back to the police force, Lorne again teams up with Katy, her former partner. Things are no longer the same between them, though. Katy is now Lorne’s superior which could prove detrimental to their latest investigation.
The crime itself is perplexing: Four small boys discover the corpse of a woman in an abandoned warehouse. CCTV footage shows the woman was abducted in broad daylight by two hooded men. When questioned, the woman’s husband swears she had no known enemies and he thought she was on holiday at the time of her death.

During the investigation a personal problem unfolds for Lorne when her teenage, daughter, Charlie, attends a friend’s eighteenth birthday party - with dire consequences.

Here's where to buy it folks. iBooks and Kobo links to follow. 

Amazon US         Amazon UK      Barnes and Noble  iBooks

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Press release! Deadly Dozen by The Twelve hit the USA Today bestseller list!

A power list of indie crime authors team up &

hit USA Today Bestseller list with 

"The Deadly Dozen"

Twelve top independent eBook Thriller authors have hit the USA Today Bestseller List with a 'boxed set' of their crime novels, aimed at giving readers a bigger taste of the action.

The authors have each seen much individual success in the eBook market, including listings on the NY Times and USA Today best-sellers lists. They hope to give their own fans a chance to sample books by writers they may not yet have come across. The books have, between them, 650 5-star reviews.

One of "The Twelve", British thriller writer, M A Comley, said, "It's an exciting venture and terrific opportunity to link up with such fantastic authors. Some of my fans may not have read some of the other authors before and vice versa, so it's a great opportunity to discover new favourites at a great price."

The authors who make up The Twelve are New York Times & USA Today bestselling writer, J.Carson Black; Award-winning writer, Joshua Graham, an Amazon and Barnes & Noble #1 bestselling thriller author; USA Today Bestselling author, Cheryl Bradshaw; Al Leverone, a 2012 Derringer Award winner for excellence in short mystery fiction
USA Today Bestselling author Diane Capri, who is among the 150 bestselling indie authors on Amazon; M A Comley, a Publishers Weekly and Amazon Top 20 bestselling British crime writer; Aaron Patterson, USA TODAY Bestselling author of the Mark Appleton thriller series; Carol Davis Luce, Amazon bestselling author of the “Night” books.
Oxford-educated, British author, J.F.Penn, who writes the fast-paced, bestselling Arkane thrillers; Vincent Zandri, the No.1 International Bestselling Amazon author whose book, The Innocent was described by the New York Post as “Sensational… Masterful…Brilliant!”; Linda S. Prather, Kentucky-based bestselling author of The Jacody Ives Mysteries and finally, Michele Scott, the author of the popular Wine Lover’s Mystery series and The Michaela Bancroft mysteries who also writes international bestselling thrillers under the name A.K. Alexander.

The box set is on offer for only $0.99/77p for a very limited period, a huge discount on the cost of buying all the books individually, which would set you back more than  $46.00/£30.00..
The set comprises:
·       J. Carson Black – Cry Wolf
·       Joshua Graham – Terminus
·       Allan Leverone – Final Vector
·       Michele Scott – Dead Celeb
·       Cheryl Bradshaw – Stranger in Town
·       J. F. Penn – One Day in Budapest
·       M.A Comley – Guaranteed Justice
·       Diane Capri – Don’t Know Jack
·       Vincent Zandri – Moonlight Sonata
·       Linda Prather – The Gifts
·       Carol Davis Luce – Night Widow
·       Aaron Patterson – Breaking Steel
The authors have launched their own website at and are offering the chance to win an Ipad Air for those taking part in their giveaway.

The box set is out now and can be found following the links below:
Barnes & Noble:

 Find our more about The Twelve:
·       Facebook.
·       The Twelve’s Website:
·       Newsletter:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deadly Dozen by The Twelve - Bargain thriller/mystery box set!

I'm happy to announce the release of Deadly Dozen: 

12 complete works by 12 of today's hottest mystery and thriller writers, including USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors. Very special price for this special edition bundle!

A $46.65 Value (if purchased separately) - Reg. Retail: $9.99
10 full-length novels + 2 long novellas
Over 680 5-star reviews across all 12 titles!

 1 - DON'T KNOW JACK (The Hunt For Reacher Series) - Diane Capri
 2 - CRY WOLF (A Laura Cardinal Novella) - J Carson Black
 3 - NIGHT WIDOW (The Night Series) - Carol Davis Luce
 4 - GUARANTEED JUSTICE (The Justice Series) - M A Comley
 5 - STRANGER IN TOWN - Cheryl Bradshaw
 6 - BREAKING STEELE (A Sarah Steele Thriller) - Aaron Patterson & Ellie Ann
 7 - MOONLIGHT SONATA (A Dick Moonlight Thriller) - Vincent Zandri
 8 - TERMINUS - Joshua Graham
10 - DEAD CELEB (The Dead Celeb Series) - Michele Scott
11 - FINAL VECTOR - Allan Leverone
12 - THE GIFTS (A Jacody Ives Mystery) - Linda S Prather

Pick up a copy of this special edition bundle from the following retailers for only $0.99/49p or 77p in the UK!

Amazon        B & N           iTunes              Kobo

Friday, February 21, 2014

My latest press release for Grave Intention

My latest press release for Grave Intention

The British author proving you can make a good living from eBooks

Whoever said you can’t make money from writing e-books, hasn’t met M A Comley.
MA, or Mel Comley, was in the first wave of writers to catch the wave of new authors who were the early adopters of the ebook phenomenon. 

Some fell by the wayside of the intensely competitive flurry of wanna-be authors, but Ms Comley, armed with a gift for storytelling and a steely determination to succeed, proved to be the real deal. She knew that this was her chance to realise her dream of being an author and she wasn't going to let it pass her by.
Mel Comley

Just four years on and Ms Comley is an Amazon Kindle Top 20 and Barnes & Noble Nook Top Five bestselling author. She has just published the second book in her second thriller series, Grave Intention.

Ms Comley's first "Justice" series, featuring a feisty but fallible female detective has sold more than half a million copies since its release in 2010, reaching Amazon Kindle's Top 100 in both the UK and the US several times. Its success was mirrored on B&N Nook and on iTunes, with several in theJustice series hitting the Top 10.
Her latest, Grave Intention, is a psychological thriller that follows its predecessor, Sole Intention, released just six months ago. It has opened up a new audience to Ms Comley whose Justice series has made her a familiar name with the ever-growing eBook readership who prefer fast-paced crime novels.
The Intention series is based in the English, West Midlands city of Worcester  and features private investigator, Ellen Brazil. When Brazil is hired to find ex-banker Charles Dugan, who disappeared after his mansion burned to the ground, she quickly discovers that Dugan's penchant for high-stakes poker has earned him a circle of very dangerous acquaintances.
Ms Comley said, "Worcester is a place dear to my heart and an area I miss dearly now that I live in France. It's a different type of novel to the ones I'm used to writing and there's definitely a twist at the end that will give the reader an ahhh moment.  It's loosely based on a true story that hit the headlines in the UK a few years ago.
"I tend to base my books in places I've lived. The Justice series is based in London and Kent, the Intention series takes place around the Worcester area. A third series I've begun, Hero, is located in Manchester, so I've covered a good chunk of England!"
Before her success, Ms Comley was living with her mother in France, renovating properties and recovering from an unhappy marriage. After attending a creative writing course, she knew the direction she wanted to travel and she had the work ethic to make it happen.
"I do work hard – often 100 hour weeks and my mum, who's my biggest fan and most trustworthy critic, is always there to make sure I remember to stop and eat! At the start people said you couldn't make a good living publishing eBooks, unless you got snapped up by a traditional publisher. I've been approached several times, but I prefer the control I have over my own destiny.
"I was lucky to be in the first wave of eBook authors and have built up a loyal following – as well as a thick skin at times! And I am making a living – a very good one. It's like the old Gary Player quote: 'The harder I work, the luckier I get'." 
Grave Intention is available in EBook format on all Kindle via Amazon, Kobo and B&N Nook sites.  Keep up with M A Comley at her website: and by signing up for her newsletters

To find her new book, go to your local Amazon, Nook or Kobo site and enter the book ids below:
·      Amazon
·      Barnes & Noble
·      KOBO

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The penultimate three members of The Twelve.

Well, here are the penultimate three members of The Twelve. Stay tuned for the final three is this exciting venture.

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