Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FREE new release in the Justice series. Blind Justice.

Hi lovely people, to celebrate my four year anniversary of being a published author, I've just released a new novella in the Justice series and I'm giving it away FREE as a thank you for all your support throughout this incredible journey. Pick up your FREE copy of BLIND JUSTICE now on the following sites. It's the prequel to the bestselling CRUEL JUSTICE.

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The reviews are coming in already:

Format:Kindle Edition
I have read and loved every one of the Justice books. This short story takes us right back to the start of the series. And I have to say it felt a little odd to start with, but was great being reminded of Characters that you forget about as the series has progressed.
In this book Lorne Simpkins is working along side her Partner Pete Childs. A woman's body has turned up, and Lorne and Pete are on the case, trying to discover who has killed her and why. The evidence is building up, and seems to be pointing to an ex boyfriend. Can Lorne and Pete discover if it was him or not and get to the bottom of this Murder case.
I'm always worried with Novella's that reviewing it will give to much away, so I have kept it brief.
What I will say is for those of you that have enjoyed the Justice series, I think you will love this Novella.

Format:Kindle Edition
This novella was so much fun to read. It was a true throwback as it goes back to the beginning of the series. It took a bit to get back into the past for me but having Lorne as DI and Pete as her DS was a real treat to read again. It reminded me how much I miss the back and forth banter of these two, going on more like siblings than partners. This little book starts out with a murder and soon Lorne and Pete are looking into the woman's past to try and hunt down who could have done this to her. I won't say much more than that as I don't want to give anything away, but this again is right in line with Comley's other Justice books- too good to put down and because it's a novella, it is over much too fast. Pick it up for some great entertainment and a nice throwback to the pairing of Lorne and Pete.

5.0 out of 5 stars short story 15 Oct 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Mel Comley. Short story.
Blind Justice.
The only problem with this book is that you will read it so fast. The book features DI Lorne Simpkins and her partner DS Pete Child's they have been put on the case of a murdered lady, it's terrific following the case from start to finish, you will love this book.
5 stars.

Format:Kindle Edition
Mel Comley's latest addition to her popular 'Justice' series, is a short novella that takes us back in time to when Lorne Simpkins was still married to Tom and was still an Inspector working with her Kit-Kat-fanatic partner Sergeant Pete Childs. It was really nice to have Pete Childs back on the scene.

The decomposed body of a young woman is found in a wooded area. Lorne and Pete are called to the scene but there Lorne stumbles on her first hurdle - the ever arrogant French pathologist Jacques Arnaud who as usual is very reluctant to let Lorne in on any details.

The dead woman is then identified as Jenny Bartlett. She has been murdered. Though all arrows immediately point to the victim's ex boyfriend, Simon, a hunch tells Lorne that he is innocent. But could the Inspector's unmistakable gut feelings be wrong this time?

This was a quick, enjoyable read that kept me intrigued till the very end to find out how the murder is solved. Recommended!!