Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another author who has managed to sell over a million kindle books.

It's a cause for celebration when a thriller writer passes such an incredible milestone.

When I first released Impeding Justice there were days when John Locke's book 'Lethal Experiment' and mine  used to leap-frog each other in the thriller chart. It was the first book I looked at every morning when I checked the rankings in the chart, if I managed to get ahead of John I knew that I'd had a good day. ;-)

I can only dream of having the success he's had, to sell over a million copies of his books in only five months is an incredible achievement.

Long may it continue for you John, a wonderful writer who deserves much success.

John you're an inspiration to every kindle thriller writer.


  1. I used to wonder who this name was that kept cropping up in such high ranks. It's amazing what he's done in a few short months. Personally, I wait for the day when a Jodi Picoult novel shows customers also bought: one of mine. Then I'll at least know I've started to find an audience. But we all have little things we check each day. What do you check for now, Mel?

  2. L. Carson Black is a good name to be chasing, Thea. ;-)

  3. I agree, it is a tremendous achievement and a great inspiration. He is the reason I decided to put my writing boots on again.

  4. I just read his book and found it VERY helpful, especially his advice on how to use your blog and twitter. My first book is launching late Fall, but I'm glad I picked up his "how to" book now; I think it will save me a lot of time and money. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Best wishes Mel & Thea

  5. Yeah, I wish I'd had it before starting out, Natalie, good luck to you.

    And to you Gavin. ;-)

  6. I picked up John Locke on the freeway the other day! He had a lot of great advice so I blogged about it.

    And I agree with Natalie...he's saving me a lot of time and money too.