Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Despite my own father walking out on me when I was three, it's days like today I miss my grandfather so much.

He was there... when we travelled on the overnight coach to see our favourite football team.

He was there... to tell me frightening ghost stories!

He was there... to take me on outings to Dartmoor every Sunday, as a treat when I was growing up.

He was there... to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. He left his sick-bed and returned to it straight after the service, too ill to even contemplate hanging around for the reception, but he was there.

He was there... always pulling faces at me to make me laugh when times were tough.

He was there...

But sadly no longer. When he passed away my heart ached for over a week. I know that I'll never experience a love like that again.

I miss you Bertie Harris, but I know you're still by my side, guiding me through life's ups and downs.

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  1. Mel, I read and loved your excerpt. I like the fluidity of the writing and love the characters. They're just going along - trying to find their ease and delight - so charming.