Thursday, October 13, 2011

 Here's another reader interview.

My name is Kenneth Dinning. I am 27 years old and live in Missouri. I am full-time dad, student and worker with two boys (Jaxon & Noah), a lovely wife (Jennifer) and a Dorkie named Molly. I work at Target and in my spare time I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, tweet and be with my family. I’m probably the coolest person you will ever meet. Well, at least my kids think I am.

1.       What genre do you prefer to read?
I like to read crime novels, suspense thrillers, adventure and anything with comedy or humour. Not a lot of nonfiction but I want to start reading it. 

2.       Is there a favourite book you’ve read more than a few times because you found the story so engrossing? I have read each Harry Potter books twice and Flowers for Algernon three times.  I like books that run in a series, ex. Donovan Creed, Lorne Simpkins, The Hunger Games, Jack Singleton in Robin Cook novels, Rick Riordan series, the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness and the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay.

3.       Do you read paperbacks or ebooks more? I read e-books more. Occasionally I will read a paperback or hardback book I already own or share with my wife. (She is not into the e-books.)

4.       If you have an ereader has your reading increased or changed in any way? From December 2010 to now, I have read more books on my Kindle than regular books in a two year time span.  

5.       Have you ever thought of penning a book yourself? It has crossed my mind but I’m more of a spectator than a player. I like to read and visualize other people’s imaginations.

6.       What makes a book an absolute must read in your eyes? Is it characterisation or plot that’s more important? A must read book in my eyes has a catchy title, a strong protagonist with good supporting characters, a clever villain and make a series of books. I think characterisation and plot are equally important. Plot allows the character to grow and become a strong character that will be remembered. Without characters, the plot cannot thicken, take twists and turns or allow the reader to put ourselves in that particular situation.

7.       In the ebook world what do you consider is the best way to grab a reader’s attention? I think the best way to get readers is high review scores and a good price. But that doesn’t mean free. Give them a price that is enticing but don’t sell yourself short (no pun intended).

8.       Name 6 authors you’d invite to dinner. John Locke, Mel Comley, Blake Northcott, Sigmeud Freud, Rick Riordan and Maurice Sendak.

9.       If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you take with you? My Kindle, my music player and a hammock
Bless, thanks Kenneth, that was an unexpected surprise! ;-)

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