Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another interview from a reader.

Hi everyone! My names D.D. Chant, I’m 24 and LOVE reading! It wasn’t always that way; my Mum tells me I was very stubborn about reading until I was about nine, when a friend of mine leant me a book. Haven’t looked back since!!!
1.What genre do you prefer to read?
I’ll read pretty much any genre, just so long as it has romance, adventure, excitement and maybe a little mystery too!
2.Is there a favourite book you’ve read more than a few times because you found the story so engrossing?
Loads of times! I’ve read ‘Cotillion’ ‘Fridays Child’ and the ‘Unknown Ajax’ by Georgette Heyer times without number! They still make me chuckle now! But there are LOTS of others!
3.Do you read paperbacks or ebooks more?
Recently I got a kindle; I might never buy a paperback again!
4.If you have an ereader has your reading increased or changed in any way?
I’m much more likely to take a chance on something that I might not normally read, and I buy a lot more than I used to! That one click thing Amazon have going is just too hard to resist!
5.Have you ever thought of penning a book yourself?
I’ve written three!!!
6.What makes a book an absolute must read in your eyes? Is it characterisation or plot that’s more important?
I firmly believe it’s a combination of the both. The plot is important because it’s the structure, the world in which the characters operate. But it’s the characters that drive! And just as you wouldn’t stay in the same room as someone you didn’t like, you’re not going to inhabit your imagination with characters you have no sympathy for!!!
7.In the ebook world what do you consider is the best way to grab a reader's attention?
I think if you’re a new author this should be reflected in the price of your book....the reader is taking a chance on you! Respect that by giving them the opportunity of reading your book a low price.
If you’re an established author, don’t insult your readers by pricing your e-book higher than the paper back!
And if you have series of books, don’t make each follow on book more expensive than the last! Yes the first book should be cheap, but one raise in price is all that’s needed afterwards surely?
8.Name 6 authors you’d invite to dinner.
Ohhhh hard!
Jane Austen: I want to know who Darcy was based on!!!
Charles Dickens: I’d take him to task for not giving Mortimer a girlfriend!
Lucy Walker: All her hero’s were gentlemen, I’d ask her if she ever met one and what they’re like in real life!!!
S.G. Alan: I simply have to know how she thought up that mad Dr, did she actually know one?
P.G. Wodehouse: Because he’d be a scream, right?
Dick Frances: I’d ask him what he’s got against tall people, lol!!!
9.If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you take with you?
My family! I can’t be without someone to talk to for more than ten minute stretches, if I was alone by the time I got off I be crazy as a loon!
My nail technician!
My kindle!
Blast, food should have been in there somewhere too, right?!?!?


  1. LOL What a great interview :) Fun answers and how many exclamation points do I see?


  2. I enjoyed this interview! :)


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