Monday, January 23, 2012

Highlighting other authors!

For the next six weeks or so, I'll be highlighting other Indie authors and trying to give them a helping hand to get some recognition for their work.

Here's the first author Karina Kantas.


Karina Kantas is an exciting author of urban thrillers. Novels about the unknown world of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Voted one of the top female authors of biker fiction, Karina has an international fan base that continues to grow and she is only to happy to chat with her readers.

Book trailer

Karina's other titles include you can find them on her author page here.

In Times of Violence

Lawless Justice


  1. What an amazing gesture on your part! It is so refreshing to see a successful author reaching out to help his or her peers.

    And I just noticed that you are a dog lover. Count me in.