Friday, January 27, 2012

Featured author today is Stuart Ayris

In my attempt to help get the word out about Indie authors, over the next few weeks I'll be featuring an Indie author every day.

Today it's Stuart Ayris' turn.

This is his bio. 

I was born in the summer of 1969 and have worked as a psychiatric nurse in Essex for the last fourteen years. When I was 22, I wrote my first novel, A Cleansing of Souls, which I published in August 2007. I have been living the small Essex village of Tollesbury for the last six and a half years and three years ago began writing Tollesbury Time Forever. Numerous agents and publishers either stated it was not commercial enough or just didn't reply at all. So I decided to put it on Kindle and what do you know? In the first two and a half weeks the novel has had 18 fantastic reviews on Amazon, has spent the majority of the time in the top 50 of the Literary Fiction Bestseller charts and has given me the confidence to carry on writing!

 Amazon UK link:

Amazon US link.

Here's Stuart's Amazon Author page too.

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  1. Thank you so much for this Mel! By way of an update, that's now 27 great reviews for Tollesbury Time Forever and over 250 downloads in the first three weeks! Come on the indies!!