Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow, thought I'd share my first 5 star review from the USA with you all.

This review is from: Impeding Justice (Kindle Edition)
Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins loses her partner in a gun battle between the forces of justice and her nemesis, the Unicorn, a vicious, psychopathic murderer. Thus Comley begins a riveting tale of cat and mouse. Before her team can begin to mourn their colleague's death, the Unicorn calls, demanding ransom for the Houses of Parliament. He leaves false clues, weaving a web of deception. Then Simpkins discovers a mole in their midst. The texture of this tale is gritty and violent, our heroine unique in her acerbic yet heroic drive. The Unicorn has picked a fiery foe in this satisfying crime novel.

Be still my beating heart!! :-)

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