Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloomin' heck can this day get any better?

Yet another five star review. 
This review is from: Impeding Justice (Kindle Edition)
I first came across Impeding Justice on Authonomy--where the Harper Collins editor reviewing it as a Gold Star winner wrote, 'This is certainly one of the better manuscripts I've read through Authonomy'--and it's an absolute pleasure to see it now available to buy.

Mel Comley has written a page-turning thriller, perfect for holiday reading. The thing that stays most strongly with me is her villain, The Unicorn -- from the very beginning the reader knows here is a bad guy who is a worthy opponent.

Impeding Justice moves fast and there's action aplenty. If you're a fan of Jack Higgins (I'm thinking of the Sean Dillon series in particular) then I expect you'd find something here to tickle your fancy.

And, I promise, you won't forget The Unicorn.

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