Friday, December 7, 2012

Michael Brookes pays a visit to my blog.

The Cult of Me (The Third Path)

Today I have writer Michael Brookes.

1. When and why did you decide to become an Indie writer?

I've been writing short stories for years, but never committed myself to writing a full novel. When I finally did some people I didn't know told me it was pretty good, so I decided to work on it some more and make it readable to the general public. I've always felt as if I'm bursting with stories, so it's proved an excellent release.

2. What genre do you write in and what genre do you prefer to read?

Most of my writing so far has been in the horror genre, I will be branching out into others - such as science fiction as I've been asked to write an official tie-in novel for Elite: Dangerous. I read all sorts but I guess most fall into the fantasy, horror and sci-fi genres.

3. Where do you sell most books, USA or UK, Amazon or Barnes and Noble?

I've yet to make any real impression in the US market - although I'm working on it! So far the bulk of my sales have been from Amazon in the UK.

4. During your childhood who was your biggest influence?

Good question. As a young child it was Enid Blyton (Famous Five) and Reverend Wilbert Awdry (Thomas the Tank Engine), as I got older it changed to Tolkien and Heinlein. More recently my biggest inspiration has been Clive Barker and Ian M Banks.

5. Are you fortunate enough to write full-time?

Unfortunately not yet - one day I hope.

6. If Hollywood came knocking who would you want to play your main character?

Gabriel Byrne would play Friar Francis, one of my main characters very well.

7. Name 6 people, dead or alive, you’d love to have as guests seated around your dinner-table.

A tricky question, there's so many people to choose from. I think I would have to go for:

1 - Albert Einstein - I'd love to pick his brains.
2 - Ian M Banks - One of my favourite authors.
3 - Queen Victoria - What was it like to rule the world?
4 - Jesus - What was he really about?
5 - Lucifer - To balance things up.
6 - Death - Welcome at any dinner party, just don't eat the salmon mouse :-)

8. What one piece of advice have you found the most important in your writing career.

You never stop learning. As a writer you should always be looking to improve your craft.

9. What are your plans for the coming year.

I have a couple of first drafts that need editing and getting ready for release. I also need to get a first draft together for the new Elite project.

10. And finally, if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 books would you choose to have with you?

Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolien, Paradise Lost by John Milton and Excession by Ian M Banks.

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