Saturday, January 1, 2011

******COMPETITION******* With a triple whammy prize...

Happy New Year to you all.

Last night I completed the first draft of the sequel to Impeding Justice, but I can’t think what to call it. At the moment it is called Running out of time.

So, whilst I spend a month editing it, I thought I’d ask the reading public if they had any ideas. The prize is a signed copy of both Impeding Justice 1 and 2 in paperback, with an acknowledgement for the winner in book two.

What do you think?

I don’t want to say too much about the book in case I give the game away about the ending of Impeding Justice, but I will tell you that the sequel features the same characters. Involves, theft of valuable pieces of art, Interpol and a chase through beautiful France.

Get your thinking caps on.



  1. How about:

    1. The Pursuit of Art
    2. The Art of the Chase
    3. A Theft of Justice
    4. Impeding Justice 2: Unicorn's Revenge

  2. RP says:
    How about combining the two titles to tie both books together?

    Impeding Justice: Running Out of Time

  3. ThisLady says:
    Justitia Restrained

    I went to your blog, Mel, and there is no place to leave a comment, at least, there is no comment box that I can see.

  4. How about "Impending (something)" if that is appropriate.

    P.S. can you contact me re Impeding Justice, please

  5. I like the idea of combining the two.
    Impeding Justice: Running Out of Time

  6. How about Imminent Threat? Or Imminent Chase?