Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mortal Crimes 2 now launched for only 99c.

Great news for the Holiday season

Great news folks, just in time for the Holiday season, I've joined up with the same authors from the successful Mortal Crimes box set to offer Mortal Crimes 2. It's a mixture of bestselling mysteries and thrillers from NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Back again with even more adrenaline-filled suspense!

7 complete novels -- each a stand-alone read, many from bestselling series -- by some of the most popular thriller writers today.

** Over 300 5-star reviews for the individual books **

  • IMPROPER INFLUENCE (Sasha McCandless Series) - Melissa F Miller
  • THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON (Devil's Deep Series) - Michael Wallace
  • ULTIMATE JUSTICE (The Justice Series) - M A Comley
  • DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Laura Cardinal Series) - J Carson Black
  • NIGHT GAME (The Night Series) - Carol Davis Luce
  • POE (Alexandra Poe Series) - Brett Battles & Robert Gregory Browne
  • SECTOR C - Phoenix Sullivan

If you missed MORTAL CRIMES 1, it'll be available through the holidays. After that the bundle will be gone for good!

IMPROPER INFLUENCE (Sasha McCandless Series) - Melissa F Miller
Sasha McCandless and fiance Connelly follow a trail of corruption to political influencers, backroom deals, and the biggest law firm in Pittsburgh when investigating the interconnected deaths of several young women.

THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON (Devil's Deep Series) - Michael Wallace
Paralyzed and locked in, Meggie can't tell anyone what really happened the night of her accident seven years earlier. Now, for the first time, there's hope for a cure -- and there are those who will do anything to keep it from her...

ULTIMATE JUSTICE (The Justice Series) - M A Comley
A shocking cover-up, a family trauma, an old wound reopened -- P.I. Lorne Simpkins navigates a minefield of danger as she takes on a grisly case of human trafficking that may well end up with her locked in a cage herself.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Laura Cardinal Series) - J Carson Black
The murder of two newlyweds leads Laura Cardinal to the dark side of love when she discovers ties to an underground organization that plunge her into a high-stakes conspiracy deep in the Mojave -- where there are no second chances.

NIGHT GAME (The Night Series) - Carol Davis Luce
When the King's Club resort casino becomes the hunting ground for a shadowy killer, owner Jay King places his bets on PI Kasey Atwood's talents, instigating a game of passion and revenge that puts Kasey's heart -- and her life -- at risk.

POE (Alexandra Poe Series) - Brett Battles & Robert Gregory Browne
Desperate to locate her father -- who's been disgraced and accused of treason -- Alexandra agrees to run point on a dicey mission to acquire a fugitive that will take her behind the walls of a brutal and dangerous women's prison.

SECTOR C - Phoenix Sullivan
The search for Patient Zero in a cross-species outbreak leads CDC analyst Mike Shafer and veterinarian Donna Bailey to a shocking discovery at a big-game compound in North Dakota whose owner will kill to keep the secret of Sector C.

Purchase your copy for an incredible 99c/77p at the following e-retailers.


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And this month's winner of a signed paperback copy of FOUL JUSTICE is Tommy Lord. Please email me at melanie.comley@wanadoo DOT fr to claim your prize. 

Look out for news about the release of ROUGH JUSTICE book 10 in the bestselling series due out in January 2015. Until then MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!