Author sites

Tania Tirraoro– Romance novelist. Thought provoking books that you’ll find hard to put down. 

Linda S Prather– author of The Jacody Ives Mysteries, traditional mysteries with a paranormal twist.

Libby Hellmann– author of seven crime fiction thrillers featuring female sleuths.

Tracey Alley– The Witchcraft Wars, a fantasy tale of a world on the brink of utter destruction and the few who are willing to risk everything to save it.

Thea Atkinson-writes psychological and historical thrillers that examine and illuminate the darker edges of the human spirit.
Val Maarten– Author of Contemporary Romance
Faith Mortimer– This Cyprus and UK based author writes well-reviewed and exciting Agatha Christie-style murder-thrillers and action-adventure, rites of passage novels set in exotic locations.

Sibel Hodge– author of romantic comedies and chicklit mysteries…think Janet Evanovich meets Sophie Kinsella. In her spare time she’s Wonder Woman!

Seb Kirby– Writer from NW UK. Author of top Kindle thriller “Take No More”

Lia Fairchild- In Search of Lucy - An inspirational story about how relationships can define our lives and our ability to find happiness.
Sarah Barnard– Fantasy author who pulls you into a world filled with magic, friendship, and tea. 

Mary Anna Evans– author of the Faye Longchamp archaeological mysteries, as well as environmental thriller WOUNDED EARTH. A freelancer turned novelist who created a multifaceted dynamic world galaxies from our own.

Alex Knight– likes to write about murder and horror, adding humor whenever possible.

Sarah Kalegion -author of "The Uncertainty of Death," writer of fantasy, horror and anything that takes her fancy in between.

Tim Ellis Writes in multiple genres.