Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fun Q&A session with my fab editor Stefanie Spangler Buswell.

1) Name 5 people dead or alive who you’d invite for dinner - apart from me of course. I’m assuming we’re having a dinner party, not just five separate dinners.

My grandmother because I’ve missed her since she passed. Maya Angelou because she seems lovely, and she would have things to discuss with my grandmother. Miranda Hart and Mindy Kaling because they just seem like the kind of ladies who would be nice friends. The Dalai Lama because I always need advice on being centered. 2) If you were an animal what would you be and why? I would be a big bird because I’d like to know what it feels like to fly, and not just gliding or being in the sky, but to feel the power of my own body holding me aloft. I’d want to be male bird, though, because I don’t relish the idea of laying an egg. 3) If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why? I wish I’ve been to more places so that I could answer this better. Somewhere warm, but not too warm, and cool, but not too cool. I think I’d like to live in a bunch of places, each for a year or two just so I could say that I lived there. 4) What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you as a child? Most of my childhood seems embarrassing. Americans really love sports, but I was so terrible at all of them. I’ve done lots of embarrassing things, but the ones that happened at sporting events probably had the biggest audience. I’ve fallen down bleachers and been hit in the face with various balls while playing sports and while spectating. 5) and… your most embarrassing moment as an adult? I can’t even begin to pick a single event for this one. I feel like I embarrass myself at least once a day. Now that I have a toddler, it’s even worse. 6) What was your nickname at school? I never had a nickname, that I know of anyway. Who knows what the other kids called me when I wasn’t around... 7) What was the name of your first pet and what was it? My family had a Dalmatian called Dottie. 8) What ambitions did you have as a teenager, and have you fulfilled any of those ambitions yet? I had ambitions of holding public office one day. I worked in politics for a while, so I nearly fulfilled that one. As it turns out, that was a foolish ambition anyway. I did not fulfill my ambitions of going to law school. I did always want to read lots of books, and I DO get to do that these days. 9) When you die what will your epitaph read? I hope it says I was a good mom. 10) Will people cheer or be sad at your funeral? Funerals seem so strange to me, and I’ve never wanted one. But I do hope that at least a few people will miss me when I’m gone. But if at least one person isn’t glad you’re dead, you probably haven’t lived.

Thanks Stefanie, it's been lovely finding out more about you. :-)

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    Thank you so much for the chance for this wonderful giveaway.